Be Alert!

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 
                                                   1 Peter 5:8​
?Why shoud Christians be concerned about Chrislam
This is the question Christians need to have an answer for. Unfortunately, rather than having an answer for why Chrislam is wrong, many Christian leaders are doing just the opposite: endorsing it because they believe it will lead to peace. But one only has to go to the Old Testament to understand how the Creator of the universe feels about such nonsense.

In the Old Testament we find that God gave the Israelites clear instructions on avoiding the adoption of the pagan religion of the Canaanites, referring to it as spiritual prostitution or harlotry. God wanted the Israelites to understand that they were spiritually married to Him. Therefore, He considered their pursuit of any other false gods to be cheating on Him; it was marital infidelity. Unfortunately for the Israelites, they did not always heed God’s warnings and as a result paid heavily for it.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we owe our total allegiance to Him and Him alone. We need to understand that we, the church, is the bride of Christ and Jesus is the bridegroom. Unfortunately, those Christians who advocate this union between two mutually exclusive religions are disobeying the Master’s command of not serving two masters (Matthew 6:24).

In addition to showing a lack of respect for the One who gave all for us, to say that Muslims and Christians worship the same God winds up making our responsibility to share the Gospel irrelevant. Why? Because apparently the works path of Islam (performing duties in order to be acceptable to Allah) and the grace path of Christianity (where Jesus alone justifies each of us who has trusted in Him), although mutually exclusive, are both considered to be right! Unfortunately, this is the path that all the world’s religions are on: spiritual unification through the acknowledgement that all paths somehow lead to God, no matter how much they contradict each other.

In my next letter I will share the critical differences between Islam and Christianity and how those differences make the religions mutually exclusive. Until then, God bless!